[2017 Brand Satisfaction No. 1 in Korea] Providing Customized Medical Services For Male Patients, Proud Urology

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[2017 Brand Satisfaction No. 1 in Korea] Providing Customized Medical Services For Male Patients, Proud Urology

Proud Urology Clinic, which provides professional men’s surgery services, was selected as No. 1 in the medical (urology) category on the 2017 Korea Brand Satisfaction at Riverside Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul.

Proud Urology Clinic is composed of three urologists, and they provide systematic and professional medical services with dividing the system into a dedicated consultation system for each field such as complex male surgery, penis implant surgery, abs plastic surgery, and gynecomastia surgery. 

  They are equipped with 5S complex surgery, which is called a new concept of male surgery, including know-how and reoperation technique.

Also, the PRF technique is applied to improve safety for surgery and shorten the recovery period after surgery. To focus on the precise planned for patients, three urologists always discuss with an operation in detail and manage a customized medical care system as well.

The urology department has an independent infection control for operating space and has established advanced systems such as a four-screen door system, UV sterilization system, and air shower from the entrance to the operating room. Furthermore, a private recovery room and waiting room are provided for patients and hire all male employees as mandatory to keep the privacy for male patients. 

  Lee Ji-Yong, director of Proud Urology Clinic, said, “We will continue to do our best to provide safe and professional medical services to male patients in the future after the awards.

Hankyung Business organized the event, Korea’s economic indicators, and hosted by the Korea Marketing Forum, ‘2017 Brand Satisfaction No. 1 in Korea’. The purpose of event evaluates the satisfaction of the actual brand without brand recognition as well as verifies service quality and representative of smart consumption.

 Certified companies with a panel of experts from various fields went through objective public reviews for this event. Moreover, there are 415 companies evaluated in the overall sector, including durable goods, consumer goods, and services. As a result, 53 of business companies were selected and published. 

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