2017 South Korea Brand Satisfaction 1st Place, Proud Urology Clinic

Proud Urology Clinic, a clinic where patients can return to daily-life in short durations, was selected as the 1st place in the medical category in the “2017 South Korea Brand Satisfaction” ceremony held at Gangnam, The Riverside Hotel.

Proud Urology Clinic provides outstanding and systemic medical services in Penile Enlargement surgery, penile implant surgery, and male body-type surgery each specialized by members (Ku Jinmo, Lee Jiyong, Hwang Inseong) of its medical team.

The clinic solved the four fundamental problems of male by utilizing 5S PRF Surgery, a surgery that extracts growth factors from the blood vessel to amplify the safety of the patient.

Proud Urology Clinic is equipped with 5S complex surgery and outstanding re-operation techniques. It also adopted the PRF surgery, a surgery that extracts growth factors from the blood vessel to amplify the safety of the patient. In addition, three main medical members of the team come together to provide each customer with customized medical services.

The clinic differentiated the treatment center and surgery center to each floor of the building and established gas tight door system, UV sterilization system, and air shower system to prevent infections and contact of outsiders. Along with these established systems, the clinic provides personal recovery room, VIP waiting room and employed only male employers to protect the privacy of male patients.

Proud Urology CLINIC Lee Jiyong mentioned, “we will continue to do our best to provide safe and professional medical services to male patients without causing any uncomfortableness.”

Since ‘South Korea Bran Satisfaction Award’ is hosted by HanGyeongBusiness and supervised by Korea Marketing Forum, not only it has high awareness among customers but also evaluates the worthiness of the awards through thoroughly reviewing big data of actual customer feedbacks. With the following reviews, judges specialized in each fields come together and select enterprises based on their services, consumer goods and medical goods  53 out of 415 enterprises were chosen for the excellency in this award.

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