2018 Proud Announces a New Approach in Male Operations

On 24th of January, Proud Urology Clinic hosted ‘2018 Proud Advanced Male Operation Techniques Announcement’ at Coex, Gangnam.

Every year, Proud Urology clinic and its medical team hosts ‘2018 Proud Advanced Male Operation Techniques Announcement’ for the purpose of outlining the excellence of newly developed medical techniques. Along with numerous reporters and interested bystanders, 150 people participated in the event through requesting and sending application to the clinic.

The event was differentiated into four different announcements with in-depth announcements from three directors of Proud: Ku Jinmo, Hwang Inseong, and Lee Jiyong.

In the first section, director Lee JiYong explained the fundamental background behind the development of ‘5s PRF Compley Surgery.’ Following the announcement was director Ku Jinmo’s second section of the announcement which was focused on male surgeries re-operation cases and penile erectile surgery.

The third section of the event was lead by director Hwang Inseong about the beneficial expectation of penile enlargement, penile extension and premature ejaculation by operating ‘5S PRF Complex Surgery.’ He gave clear explanation about the principles of the widely-known surgery. Not only that, he was able to provide the audience with successful cases of gynecomastia surgeries of the clinic.

In the last section of the event, three directors came together to appreciate the achievements that the clinic has made with other foreign medical teams and being honored as the erectile dysfunction surgery reference doctor.

“We are delighted to have a place to share outstanding achievements in men’s surgery after last year,” said Hwang In-sung, president of the company. “We will continue our research so that we can have more diverse and better results in the future.”


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