Men Consider Erection Disorder Surgery Safety

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Men Consider Erection Disorder Surgery Safety

#Each year, about 16,000 cases of domestic erectile disorder occurs (Source: Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service). Erection disorder can not have a satisfactory marital relationship due to insufficient erection, or a state in which the erectile state can not be maintained for at least three months. Why is erectile disorder and how can it be cured?

#Erection disorder, aging and vascular diseases, etc. are reasons.

The causes of erection disorder vary. The most common cause is aging. As the aging process reduces male hormone secretion, male menopausal symptoms such as erection disorder and loss of libido appear. Approximately 20% of 40 male Korean males, 30% of fifties to 60s and 42% of 70s are erection disorder. Vascular diseases such as diabetes are also the cause. “The vast majority of people looking for a hospital with erection disorder are diabetic and hypertensive,” said Dr. Koo Jin-mo, president of Proud Urology. “Although the erythrocyte that plays an erection is vascular tissue, “It’s not going well,” he said. Abdominal obesity and the use of wrong hormones also cause. “Abdominal obesity can cause a decrease in male hormones, and some people have erection disorder due to injecting hormones for the purpose of overcrowding muscles,” said Koo. Erection disorder may also be caused by side effects of athlete’s foot medicine and some antacids.

#Step-by-step therapy is important … Living rules, medicine, injection, surgery in order

Erection disorder treatment is important to do step by step. Koo Jin-mo says, “Changing lifestyle is the first treatment.” DR.Koo said the erection disorder lifestyle improvement policy is: ▲ to quit smoking, to drink alcohol, to regulate blood pressure, to get enough sleep, to exercise regularly, and to have healthy meals. It is also important to check with your family doctor if you have any medications that may cause erection disorder. If there is no improvement in erectile function by lifestyle change alone, the hospital can provide medication and hormone therapy, injection therapy, and surgical treatment.

#Drug and hormonal therapy

Hormone therapy is a method of supplementing when blood test results show a decrease in male hormones. Drugs are a type of vasodilator. When sexual stimulation is given, it helps the erection well. However, if you have a sore throat or heart disease, you may have a heart attack.

#Injection therapy

It is a way of injecting the drug into the corpus cavernosum itself, as if a diabetic patient injects insulin when needed. Immediate effect can be obtained. However, individuals are required to inject themselves whenever they need to, and there is a risk of infection.

#Surgical treatment

It is a method of inserting a penis implant (implant). It was first invented in the United States in 1973 and receives 20,000 to 30,000 people every year in the world. The types of implants are flexion type and expandable type. In recent years, expandable type implants that can control the erection state are used. The inflatable implant inserts a small button into the testis area during surgery. Each time the button is pressed, saline solution is injected into the penis implant, and the penis continues to expand. Press any other button to return to the normal state. However, penis length is not increased by erectile disorder treatment. Kang Jin-mo, director of the hospital, said, “People who do not have erectile disorder should have surgical treatment, and those who can erect by other treatments such as medication or injection are not eligible.”

# infection control is the key to Surgical treatment

If you think about surgical treatment, it is first of all to see how well the hospital environment or surgical procedure is blocking the infection. Koo Jin mo said, “Infection control depends on the success of erectile disorder treatment.” According to foreign studies, 1 ~ 2% of adverse reactions are caused by most of the infections. In order to block the infection, care must be taken in the hands of the medical staff and in the patient’s skin. “Our clinic has two surgical gloves that are hand-cleaned to prevent infection by our hospital, and we use ‘No-Touch Technique’, which does not touch the patient’s skin by hand using a specific device. We have completely separated the floor with the operating room and the floor with the operating room for interception, and we use an interception system that passes four or more doors to enter the operating room. ” Kuzmin received training in erectile disorder, including the Nocture Technique, from UCI, California, USA, and Dr. Francois Id, an authority on erectile disorder in the United States.

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