What Is It?

It is important to absorb the fat evenly, to balance the whole, and to maintain the outline of the abdominal muscles. The fat in the abdomen is more widely distributed than in other areas. Thus, it is important not to simply get rid of large amounts of fat, but to absorb the fat evenly, to maintain the overall balance and to maintain the outline of the abdominal muscles.

Other parts of each body area can create attractive and balance body shape as well.


Recommendation For People Who Need The Surgery

    • If you want to reduce abdominal fat quickly

    • If you have excessive fat in the abdomen compared to other areas

    • If there is an area where you can’t lose weight, even if you diet and exercise

    • If you experience repeated failures in losing weight


Main Stomach Area We Do 

    • Upper abdomen, Side, Lower abdomen, Pubis, Lower back 


Other Part of Body Area We Also Do 

    • Face, Chin, Arm Thighs, Calves


More Information

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