5S Complex Surgery With PRF Exports to Thailand

5S Complex Surgery With PRF Exports to Thailand

Proud Urology Clinic, known for introducing PRF to South Korea urology community, had a technical transfer meeting with four thailand medical members to conclude their ‘5S PRF Complex Surgery Export Agreement’ on January 14th.

The clinic’s 5S PRF Complex surgery, invented by three specialized medical members of its community, was reported in 300 U.S articles of its ability to simultaneously solve multiple male genitalia problems from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of length to lack of size. RPF was particularly adapted in South Korean urology clinics and received high reputation for its safety and efficiency; shortening the surgery duration and preventing infection and inflammation. It is currently in the spotlight for worldwide urology community.

The agreement meeting was mainly focused on exporting medical technique of 5S PRF Complex Surgery to Thailand through three Proud Urology medical members. As a result, the deal was successful and director of Proud Ku Jinmo demonstrated and shared information about 5S PRF Complex Surgery towards the thailand medical members on the following day.

In addition, for the purpose of properly introducing 5S PRF Complex Surgery to Thailand, Proud Urology medical team promised to participate in exchanging techniques and informations in Thailand medical facilities.

The 5 to 6 mm thick high-grade dermis used in the surgery is very difficult to acquire due to high demands. However, since it is an important element to the result of male operations, Proud has concluded an agreement with L & C Bio and are manufacturing customized 5~6mm allogenic dermis for the customers.

Ku Jinmo, director of Proud Urology Clinic, mentioned, “5S PRF Complex Surgery guarantees safety and the effect of enlarging the penile, thus, naturally gained attention from the world urology community. We will continue exchange the techniques with world urology communities. For customers, since male operations can have side-effects such as inflammation and infection, we recommend you to acquire sufficient amount of consultant before concluding upon your surgeries.”

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