“Alternative Dermis Must be Evaluated for its Type and Thickness Before Male Operations”

“Alternative Dermis Must be Evaluated for its Type and Thickness Before Male Operations”

Recently, men are increasingly choosing male surgery as a way to improve the outlook of their penis. Among the surgeries, consumers had specific interest in 5S complex surgery which had outstanding effectiveness and safety.

The clinic solved the four fundamental urology problems of male by developing and utilizing 5S PRF Surgery, a surgery that extracts growth factors from the blood vessel to amplify the safety of the patient. 5s PRF, also known as PRF DUO, was introduced to South Korea by Proud. The surgery is known for implanting 5~6mm alternative dermis to the penile.

Types of Alternative dermis is differentiated by the materials used to make it. There are two categories of alternative dermis: allogeneic dermis and heterogenous dermis. Allogenic dermis is created from human body collagens while heterogenous dermis is created from both animal and human collagens. Customer choose the allogenic dermis to the other because the biocompatibility comparably excellent.  

It is also known that as dermis is thicker, it has much more positive effects in penile enlargement operations.

Not only that, there are cases where the implanted dermis calmed the sensitive nerve of the penile and improved the problem of premature ejaculation. For the following reasons, there are more customers evaluating the quality of the dermis before their operations.

Lee Ji-yong, director of Proud Urology, said, “The 5 to 6 mm thick high-grade dermis is very difficult to acquire due to high demands. However, since it is an important element to the result of male operations, we have concluded an agreement with L & C Bio and are manufacturing customized 5~6mm allogenic dermis for the customers.”

He followed his statements and emphasized, “Since male operations are performed on penile blood vessels and nerves, it must be concluded by sufficient amount of consultation with a specialized urologist. Also, there can be side effects when the surgery is taken at the wrong place.”

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