What Is The Cause of Syphilis And How Do You Treat Them?


What Is The Cause of Syphilis And How Do You Treat Them?

The mere thought of sexually transmitted infection scares people. Everybody wants to stay safe from sexually transmitted infections. But alongside it is very important for each sexually active person to have proper knowledge of STI. Both males and females should understand which Sexually transmitted infections are the most prone to, and for this, it is important to have adequate knowledge of each. Proud Urology clinic, not just aims towards most accurate laboratory tests but also makes sure that each of our readers has good knowledge about Sexually transmitted diseases. We believe in a healthy society. 

Another disease in our series of Sexually transmitted infection is SYPHILIS. It can develop some extremely serious health issue in your body if not treated timely. Proud Urology provides all the information for your safety. 


Syphilis, a contagious disease is mainly caused through all kinds of sexual activities including, oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex. If not treated timely, syphilis can cause very serious health issues in the human body. There are different stages of Syphilis, often divided as:

  1. Primary stage
  2. Secondary stage
  3. Latent stage
  4. Tertiary stage 

Syphilis is caused by Treponema Pallidum bacterium. Each stage might come with adverse symptoms. 


Most of us often become well aware of the terms of diseases but when we are exposed to any particular sexually transmitted infection, we either ignore it at a primary stage or at times we are not even able to identify that the virus of bacteria of STI has entered our body. 

Syphilis is generally spread through syphilis sores on the genital part of both males and females. Syphilis sores can be developed around Penis, anus, vagina, or in the rectum. If not treated timely, in severe conditions, these sore may also reach the mouth or lips of an infected person. As we know that different symptoms are associated with different stages of Syphilis. So, let us understand in respect to various stages:


In the majority of cases, the infected person starts developing primary symptoms between 14 to 21 days of getting the infection. But, in some cases, the incubation period of Syphilis can also extend up to 3 long months. In the primary stage of infection, mild sores may occur in the genital part of an individual that may include, penis, anus., rectum, or vagina. These sores are small, round, and painless. So, if you experience any kind of sores in the genital area, you must immediately consult the doctor even if it doesn’t pain because sooner or later it can be harmful to you. 


The secondary stage might come with skin rashes, swollen lymph nodes, and mild fever. Few mild symptoms can be noticed during this stage as the symptoms or effect of the bacterium is spread beyond the original site of infection. 


Patients of latent stage syphilis do not experience any symptoms. Syphilis causing bacteria becomes dormant in this stage. 


This stage can be the most harmful one as it comes with some severe medical symptoms. Tertiary syphilis can also harm the brain and heart in a human body. At times, this harmful infection can also cause various neurological issues in the body.

Some more symptoms associated with a severe condition of syphilis are:

  1. Watery patches around genitals. 
  2. Pain in muscles and joints. 
  3. Loss of appetite. 
  4. Vision might become weak. 
  5. Weakness in the body. 


According to the reports of CDC, the average rate of syphilis infection has increased to 71% from 2014-2018. People between 20years – 35 years is the most infected age group. It has been observed that syphilis is more common in men than in women. Moreover, men who indulge in sexual intercourse with men are more prone to Syphilis. 

Considering the recent scenario, Syphilis is becoming common amongst pregnant women as well. A pregnant woman is exposed to not just Syphilis but any kind of STI is a high risk of giving birth to an unhealthy child. SO, extra care and precautions must be taken during pregnancy. All sexually active people who experience even mild symptoms must avoid having sex until they are properly treated. Unprotected sex always increases the risk of passing on the infection from an infected person to a healthy person. It is always advised to use condoms during all types of sexual activity, may it be anal. Oral, or vaginal. People falling under the following mentioned criteria are at high risk of getting the infection:

  1. People who indulge in unprotected sex. 
  2. People who have multiple sex partners. 
  3. People who indulge in sexual intercourse with more than one person at a time. 
  4. Men who are indulged in sexual intercourse with men. 
  5. People who are already infected with HIV. 


Until the 1940s there was no effective treatment for syphilis. It was seen as a deadly disease as it severely affected the lungs and heart of the infected person. But now, with the advancement of the medical sector, many antibiotics have been developed to treat syphilis. If proper treatment is taken at the right time, syphilis causing bacteria can easily be killed from the body. However, in severe stages when the infected affects the brain, heart, or lungs of an individual then the damage has already been caused to the body cannot be undone. 

The major step to prevent yourself from Syphilis is to get tested at Proud Urology clinic. Why do we just suggest Proud Urology for laboratory tests? It is because we provide the most accurate and quick results to our patients.


If you wish to be 100% safe from sexually transmitted infection, the only way is to not indulge in any kind of sexual activity, neither oral nor vaginal or anal? But then, is it possible? For all the sexually active people, the answer is No. In that case, the following precautions can reduce the risk of Syphilis:

  1. Have protected sex. Use condoms while having sex as it can prevent the bacteria from entering into your body. 
  2. Do not indulge in sexual activities with more than one person. 
  3. Avoid having sex with the person who shows symptoms of syphilis. 
  4. If you are pregnant, then you must be tested for Syphilis at least once during your pregnancy to avoid serious complications. 
  5. STI check-ups at considerable intervals for all sexually active people are always appreciated. 
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