Dr. Hwang In Sung - Proud Urology Clinic
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Dr. Hwang In Sung


  • Graduated from Yonsei University, Master of Medicine
  • Sanggye Paik Hospital Urology Clinic
  • Former) Yonsei La Rose Department of Plastic Surgery
  • Former) Fresh Plastic Surgery Director
  • Former) Woojak Urology Director (Body Molding Department)
  • Present) Proud Urology Director General
  • Present) Proud Urology Male Clinic Doctor

Member of Society

  • Social Members of Obesity Research in Korea
  • Korean Society of Skin Care and Beauty
  • Korean Society of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
  • Korean Society of Obesity and Obesity
  • Member of Korean Society for Men’s Science
  • Members of the Global Sacrament Society
  • Member of Korean Urology Society
  • Male Health Recognition Doctor