Dr. Koo, Urologist of Proud Urology Clinic, was selected as ‘Erectile Dysfunction Reference Doctor’

Dr. Koo, Urologist from Proud Urology Clinic, was chosen as ‘Erectile Dysfunction Reference Doctor’

On August 8, 2018, Guillaume Neveu, Asia general manager of Coloplast Corporation, who manufactures implants for erectile dysfunction, met with Koo Jin-mo, Urologist of Proud Urology and delivered a “Reference Doctor” certification. This is the second time this year that AMS of America selected the chief director as a ‘reference doctor’.

Erectile dysfunction surgery is a method of inserting implants into the penis with severe urinary surgery applied to severe patients who are difficult to improve symptoms by medication or self-injection therapy. Erectile dysfunction Surgery is divided into two types according to the type of implant: bending type implant surgery that can be easily bent and bent by hand, and expansion type implant surgery that can be used by operating each tube and pump inserted in the penis and scrotum. Both surgeries are characterized by the ability to control erection at any point in time.

Coloplast is a global medical device manufacturer that develops implants used in these surgeries and is headquartered in Denmark and has offices in 42 countries around the world. Guillaume, who delivered the certificate directly through this visit, said, “Based on the clinical results of the excellent erection surgery of Proud Urology, I chose Koo Jin-mo as the ‘reference doctor’.”

Proud Urology and Guillaume moved to the Men Scientific Laboratory in the Erectile Dysfunction Center after the certification ceremony to discuss Proud’s surgical know-how and clinical case to maximize the function of penile implants. Guillaume was very interested in the clinical case of Proud, and was especially surprised at the cases of simultaneous male surgeries called ‘erectile dysfunction surgery’ and ‘5S complex surgery’. In addition, he promised continuous technical exchange with Proud Urology, which performs a wide range of male surgeries including erectile dysfunction.

“The penis implant surgery is a highly satisfactory operation because the user can freely control the erection without sacrificing gender,” said the chief director of the Proud erectile dysfunction center. However, as it is a high-level operation requiring high sophistication, it should be done under the supervision of a urologist who has a lot of clinical experience in consideration of the side effects. “As the interest in domestic and foreign patients is rising, we are constantly striving for international exchange of advanced medical technology.”

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