Proud Urology Presents ‘Urolift’ W/O Resection

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Proud Urology Presents ‘Urolift’ W/O Resection

Prostate hyperplasia, a representative urinary disease of Korean middle-aged men, needs special attention during the cold winter months. Prostate enlargement is a disease in which the prostate gland gradually grows in size from the size of the walnut egg and causes the various symptoms by pressing the urethra passing through the inside.

Especially in winter, symptoms of hypertrophy of the prostate such as thinning of urine, thinning of urine, and urinary urgency are exacerbated because the sympathetic nerves are activated and the prostate cells and surrounding muscles contract and the urinary pressure becomes worsen.

There are two types of surgery for enlargement of the prostate, including transurethral prostatectomy for resection of enlarged prostate and resection using laser. However, there is a risk for the development of sexual dysfunctions such as ejaculatory disorder, erectile dysfunction, or the damage of the urethral mucosa due to the surgical procedure.

The new concept ‘Urolift’ is a prostate ligation technique that removes the prostate tissue and pulls the prostate with a small metal using a special treatment device to permanently fix the prostate. It can be performed within 30 minutes. The ‘Urolift’ procedure is characterized by no damage to the urethral mucosa, immediate return to sexual life, and no reports of sexual dysfunction after the procedure.

Lee Ji-yong, Chief Urologist of Proud Urology Clinic, selected as the Urolift-designated urologist from the US Neo-Tract headquarters in the US, said, “Urolift is a safe and complete procedure evaluated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2015. Especially, it can be treated without prostatectomy. Many patients are looking for Urolift treatment because of the fact that they are doing it without actual resection. ”

In addition, patient should understand that any surgery can cause side effects such as swelling, bleeding, and pain, so you should decide after consulting with a qualified specialist.

Proud Urology Clinic has one of the most qualified urologists in Asia. If you would like to have a free consultation with our doctor, please send us an inquiry through message box on ‘Contact Us’ page.

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