Erectile Dysfunction- Collapsed Confidence On Bed


Erectile Dysfunction- Collapsed Confidence On Bed

 Every man experiences erectile dysfunction once. A total of 827 married males aged 30 or older in Korea were tested for sexual function (international erectile function), and half of them (43.3%) were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction was 23.3% in 30s, 33.5% in 40s, 64.4% in 50s, and 85.8% in 60s (Korean Journal of Family Medicine, 2009). “The erectile dysfunction is caused by various hormones such as decreased hormone levels in the aging process, blood vessels and nerve damage, stress and drugs,” said Doctor Hwang In-seong, a member of Proud Urology Clinic. “Even though it is difficult to maintain the erection, We must doubt the failure, “he said.

But for men, erectile dysfunction is something you want to hide. Even if you have erectile dysfunction, you are rarely active. It is most likely to be left with temporary symptoms or age, or abandon the visit to the hospital because of the surrounding gaze. In the previous study, only 1 out of 5 men (18.2%) actually received treatment from erectile dysfunction men.

The problem is that erectile dysfunction is not just a matter of body change. Repeated failure experiences and the resulting loss of feelings negatively affect mental health as well as interpersonal relationships. Park Sung-hoon (pseudonym .67) is such an example. He found that he had been in the mid-fifties and had an erectile dysfunction, but instead of seeking a hospital, he searched and practiced exercises to help improve erectile dysfunction on the Internet. I went to early football every weekend, and I had aerobic exercise for 1 hour and 30 minutes at the gym every day, but it was not enough to recover the falling sex. Park said, “I have repeatedly been suffering from erectile dysfunction, so I have lost my confidence and eventually abandoned my sexual life.” “My relationship with my wife has become so desperate that I have been using each room for several years.”

For men, sexual function is itself a key determinant of quality of life. According to a study by Ewha Womans University College of Nursing (2003), the quality of life satisfaction score of males satisfied with their spouse was 11.69 points out of 14.7 points, which was more than 4 million won per month (11.37 points) (10.88 points), respectively.

On the other hand, depression scores (depression with higher score) were significantly higher than men (6.45 points) or average (8.98 points) who were not satisfied with sex life. Doctor Hwang In-seong emphasized, “When sexual dysfunction is a disease that requires treatment and management, social consensus should be formed.”

There is another reason to be interested in erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a “signal” that signals early chronic diseases and heart disease. The incidence of atherosclerosis or diabetes in erectile dysfunction patients is reported to be more than 40% each. Lee Ji-yong, Doctor of the Proud Urology Clinic, said, “In order to erect the blood, the blood must be collected in the spongy body of the penis. If the blood vessel disease occurs, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases because of the blood circulation. There are a few cases that appear. “

Especially when you are young, you may need to check your physical condition if your symptoms do not improve after you have erectile dysfunction or after treatment. Kim Jin-yong (46, pseudonym) started erectile dysfunction at an early age in his mid-thirties. At that time, he was 1m70cm tall and weighing 100kg. Male hormone levels were normal, but the accompanying diabetes and hyperlipemia caused the blood vessels to break down, so the drug did not improve the erectile dysfunction. With the accumulation of vascular injuries, it has recently worsened due to the inability to erect, making it impossible to erect. Lee Ji-yong said, “The first treatment of erectile dysfunction is lifestyle management such as regular exercise and adequate rest.” “I can expect the effect of improving my whole body health by managing erectile dysfunction by practicing constantly.”

Erectile dysfunction in the hospital is progressed step by step. Initially, the medication is injected or injected directly into the penis to induce symptoms. If this treatment is not effective, or if serious side effects occur, consider surgery to insert a penile implant. In recent years, the erection can be controlled by a simple operation, and inflatable implants that maintain the skin sensation are introduced and are welcomed by the patients. Jung Min-soo (72), who received a penis implantation (inflated) at the beginning of this year, said, “I decided to have surgery for the rest of my life with my wife. I am relieved of the stress, I feel young, “he said.

“Men’s confidence decline, can be cured with medication, injections and implants”

Erectile dysfunction is a disease that can be cured by active treatment. However, males who are treated with indifference to social dysfunction and social prejudice are rare. Dr. Koo jin mo, a member of Proud Urology Clinic, was told about the treatment effect of sexual dysfunction and the necessity of improvement of recognition.

#Early treatment is important because.

“Erectile dysfunction progresses faster with age. The degenerative changes caused by male hormone depletion add to the psychological burden of erection, and the erectile capacity is drastically reduced. When erectile dysfunction is neglected, the thickness and length of the penis are reduced and the semen does not dry out. As sexual dysfunction causes depression, anxiety, etc., it is important to actively cope from the beginning. “

#Korean males often hide sexual dysfunction.

“Most males regard sexual dysfunction as embarrassing and embarrassing. A perceived misunderstanding about the disease puts off the treatment. In the United States, couples often discuss erectile dysfunction together. In extreme obesity, it is difficult to operate penile implants directly, but your wife may be educated and encourage erection instead. When you get older, everyone thinks that sexual function falls. I think the open recognition of sexually transmitted diseases is something to learn. “

#Treatment satisfaction is high?

“Treatment goals for erectile dysfunction are cured. Using drugs, injections, implants, etc., anyone can recover 100% of their erection ability. Erectile dysfunction is not a life-threatening condition, but reviving lost sexual function has a crucial impact on quality of life. “

#Is penis implant surgery safe?

“Penile implant surgery has been around for over 40 years and has proven its safety and effectiveness. There are two types of flexion and swelling, both of which are made by cutting the scrotum only about 3 cm. However, as elderly people suffer minor injuries during surgery, it is advisable to thoroughly check their experience, infection control, etc. when choosing a hospital.”


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