Erectile Dysfunction Procedure Satisfies Patient

erectile dysfunction procedure consultation

Erectile Dysfunction Procedure Satisfies Patient

Erectile dysfunction procedure is rising. Aggressive treatment can be the first step toward a new beginning, not an end in a man’s life.

Erectile dysfunction procedure is applied step by step in drug, injection and surgery. Drugs and injections are a kind of vasodilator. Increase the amount of blood in the corpus cavernosum and keep the erection locked so that it does not escape. “We can prevent the penis size from declining and get the psychological effect by restoring self-confidence,” said Koo Jin-mo, the director of Proud Urology Clinic. “However, it is possible that the blood vessels and nerves of the penis are affected by aging, chronic diseases, There is no treatment effect on the injured patient, but rather the greater the risk of side effects, “he said.

If the erection is not done at all, you can recover the sexual function by putting a human-friendly support on the penis (implant). Koo said, “Erectile dysfunction surgery has been developed 46 years ago and applied to 20,000 ~ 30,000 people every year. There are two types of implants to be inserted: flexion type and inflatable type. The flexion type is a method of controlling the erection by flexing and straightening the bar-shaped implant by hand. It is cheap, simple to operate, and low in risk of failure. On the other hand, the inflated type of sterilized physiological saline is stored in a water bag (reservoir), and the pump is used to put the soft cylinder in and out to control the erection. “The inflatable type does not appear on the surface, and the erection aspect is similar to natural erection, so the patient satisfaction is high,” said Koo.

After surgery, local anesthesia is followed by a 3 cm incision in the scrotum area, so that patients who are old or who have chronic disease can be safely treated. Park Sung-hoon (67), who had undergone an erectile dysfunction (enlargement) last February, resumed his favorite strength workout after three days of surgery. Park said, “I have little pain and I do not have any surgery, so I have no problem with my daily life.” “The nerve that controls the senses of the penis is located above the cavernous surface of the penis and is not damaged by surgery,” said Koo.

The first thing that determines the success of erectile dysfunction surgery is the medical profession. As the incision area is small, the ‘touch’ of the medical staff is more important than the vision. For example, in the case of a cylinder, if the length is short, it is easily squeezed by an erection. On the other hand, when the erection is long, the urethra may be damaged or accompanied by severe pain. Before erection, the dilator is inserted into the corpus cavernosum and the length of the erection is determined by sensing the tension manually. The less the experience of the medical staff, the more likely the error occurs. The chief director said, “The reservoir and pump are inserted into the lower abdomen and scrotum, respectively, so that they are inconspicuous.” At this time, the anatomical structure (landmark) “He said.

The second is infection control. If the infection rate of the penile implant is as high as 1 ~ 2%, it can be re – operated or give up sex life altogether. Recently, the most notable surgery is ‘No-Touch Technique’ which minimizes skin exposure. “When you cover your skin with gauze and vinyl and change your gloves every time you touch your skin, you can lower the infection rate to less than 1%,” said Koo. “Our hospital has at least four more gloves “He said. In recent years, there have been separate clinics and operating rooms in order to prevent infection.

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