Erectile Dysfunction, Resolved Through Surgery

erectile dysfunction consultation

Erectile Dysfunction, Resolved Through Surgery

Erectile Dysfunction can be resolved through surgery.

For those who do not know what ED (erectile dysfunction) is, please read the article from Healthline:

When men become a middle age or older, sex hormone secretion is lowered, and male urinary system diseases are easily caused. 

Mainly, male diseases, including ED and premature ejaculation become more difficult for healthy sexual life to increase the number of middle-aged people who suffer under stress emotionally.

It is one of the main problems around the world among middle-aged men and leads to a decrease in sexual function. 

Experts refer that if it keeps sustaining more than six months and occurs more than 50% of chance of having sex, which leads to lack of satisfaction of marriage, it requires diagnosing from doctors.

According to Lee Ji Yong, M.D. of Proud Urology Clinic from Seoul, South Korea, there are two main reasons for ED, which is divided into psychogenic and temperamental causes. For psychogenic, having psychological weakened or stress is a reason. Moreover, the reason for having temperament is adult diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or, thyroid abnormalities, lowered male hormones, abnormalities in the corpus cavernous blood flow, or nerves problems

If it is an early stage of symptom, medication can be used. First of all, oral medication is a pill that contains called energetic agents. However, patients should be prescribed after consultation and examination with doctors since the effects and efficacy are utterly different from patients; furthermore, there is a restriction to take medication if patients have other different diseases. 

Supplying the lowered male hormones can treat with male hormone supplement therapy when it is occurred because of the menopausal testosterone. Trimix, a self-injection therapy, can be used to treat premature ejaculation and it can be the way ejection of treatment more than an hour by injecting a pen-shaped syringe into the corpus cavernous. 

 If medications fail to cure or make it worse, surgery may improve the symptom. There is an advantage that surgical treatment has a replacement, which is the way of inserting an implant as a semi-permanent treatment.

 Expansion and curved type are two divisions for inserted implants during surgery. Firstly, it consists of three tubes and pumps for the expansion type. Also, it swells out the pump during sex. 

Besides, the curved type can be bent and stretched by hand as a bar-shaped prosthesis, which can be bent and used during sexual intercourse. It is more simple than expansion type for surgery as well as the cost is more reasonable. Most importantly, consultation with the medical doctor is required for two ways of surgeries. 

 Lee Ji-Yong, MD of Proud Urology, said, “The most important thing is to find out the correct symptoms through consultation, and examination precisely, so finding an accurate treatment is important for patients.” 

 Koo Jin-Mo, MD of Proud Urology, said, “If the initial symptoms cannot be treated nor improved with medications, they can be treated with implant implants, and many patients tend to be satisfied with the results.” 

 In addition, to prevent the issue, cutting back on drinking and smoking with diet is helpful. So eating good food such as vegetables or fruits is also helpful to eliminate diabetes, hypertension, and other adult diseases unlike having consuming fat and prepared food.

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