How To Improve Stamina? Just Go To Hospital

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How To Improve Stamina? Just Go To Hospital

# Erectile dysfunction  is caused by various causes such as aging, chronic disease, and stress. This is why comprehensive and systematic treatment strategies for Erectile dysfunction are emphasized. “There is no slander that dramatically overcame Erectile dysfunction, other than medical treatment,” said Dr. Koo Jin-mo, Doctor of the Proud Urology Clinic. “There are a lot of males who go to the hospital after they have developed illnesses.”

Most of the folk remedies known to improve sexual function are not only ineffective, but they also have a high risk of side effects. A typical example is the so-called “rejuvenation bath” that goes between cold and warm baths. Many people believe that it helps blood circulation and the testicles become stimulated. However, this method can worsen erectile dysfunction and break down vascular health. “The testicles are sensitive to heat and are often exposed to hot water, and when they are exposed for a long time, their function decreases and the amount of male hormone secretion decreases.” Especially in the elderly with weak physical strength, sudden changes in body temperature and blood pressure can lead to myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. It is dangerous. ”

Erectile dysfunction is the first step in the treatment of lifestyle management, including adequate sleep and balanced diet. Check to see if the medication you are taking does not cause erectile dysfunction, and if your male hormone levels are low, you can improve your symptoms with hormone replacement therapy. Subsequently, the medication, injection, and surgery are applied step by step. Hwang said, “If you use drugs or injections too much because you have less effect, your blood vessels will be damaged and your erectile dysfunction will become worse.” “It is most important that you keep the dosage and dosage correctly and get the proper treatment according to the patient’s condition.”

If you can not see the effects of drugs or injections, or if the side effects are severe, you can consider implanting implants into the penis. Penile implants are divided into ‘bending type’, which is operated by hand, and ‘inflatable type’, in which physiological saline is injected into the cylinder (expansion bag) and the erection is controlled. In general, inflatable type, which is not visible on the outside and is easy to operate, is often applied. Local anesthesia can cut the scrotum only about 3 ~ 4㎝, so it can treat patients who have chronic disease such as old age and diabetes. “If you have a long period of erectile dysfunction, your penis becomes hard and it can be difficult to recover by surgery.” If you do not have enough erection induction to maintain your sex life, do not delay, It is desirable to start.

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