[Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index No.1] Proud Urology Clinic

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[Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index No.1] Proud Urology Clinic

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[Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index No.1] Men’s Custom Clinic, Proud Urology

[Hankyung Business = Eunyoung Lee] Men’s personal care brand Proud Urology won the first place in the medical (men’s surgery) category at the “2019 Korea Customer Satisfaction Index No.1” awards ceremony held at the Rivera Hotel in Seoul on February 19th.

Proud Urology, which has been awarded for two consecutive years, is composed of three urologist specialists. It provides systematic medical services through a comprehensive system of specialized services including men’s complex surgery, penile implant surgery, male liposuction and gynecomastia surgery.

Unusually, it has been reported in overseas media by introducing PRF technique to men’s surgery to improve stability and shorten recovery period. Recently, ‘The New 5S Complex Operation’, which treats allogeneic dermis fillers at the same time, has been developed to solve the phenomenon that can occur in transplanted dermis.

Proud Urology has established a state-of-the-art system with a separate surgical space for thorough infection control and a four-way interlock system, UV sterilization system and air shower from the operating room entrance to the operating room. In addition, a personalized recovery room and a VIP waiting room are provided for the convenience of the patient, and the entire staff is made up of men to ensure patient’s privacy.

“We have focused on the two core issues of men’s surgery, expansion effect and stability, and we have been able to get a good reputation from consumers through the distinctiveness of Proud Clinic, including the use of 5 ~ 6mm high-grade dermis “We will continue to strive to ensure that our patients receive high quality medical services.” Dr.Koo said.

[Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index No.1] Men’s Custom Clinic, Proud Urology

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