If you are seeing this page, we assume that you are planning to visit Seoul, South Korea for medical trip. Proud Urology Clinic provides assistance for medical tour visa as we are certified clinic from the Korean government.

1. Research VISA Information

For most countries, visiting Korea for travel is granted for 90 days of stay. However, if you are from certain countries the VISA application should be done in advance.

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Target group for visa issuance (C-3-3, G-1-10 VISA)

  • Those wishing to be hospitalized at specialized medical clinics or rehabilitation facilities for treatment of diseases and disorders, or for recuperation purposes, and for cases requiring treatment periods of 91 days or longer.
  • The patient and members of the patient’s immediate family, including patient’s spouse to help provide care and patient’s children (Duration of stay is one year; multiple-entry visa is effective for one year)C-3 (M): For cases where the period of treatment and travel is 90 days or less (Simple procedures, e.g., cosmetic procedures, including plastic surgery, etc.)

    G-1 (M): One year (i.e., long-term treatment and rehabilitation)

Please be aware that most of our surgical procedure done at our clinic does not require hospitality and requires more than 90 days of stay. 

We will help you fill the forms that are required for the VISA application. Please let us know in advance if you are applying for medical tour VISA.

2. Book Flight Ticket

After you complete the VISA application, you will have to book your flight ticket to Korea. Please be reminded that if you are coming from overseas, you will have to land in Incheon Airport.

Before you book your flight ticket, please let our consultant know which date you would like to visit our clinic. Our clinic opens from Monday to Saturday and close on Sunday(s). The opening hour is between 9:30am to 6:30pm (except Saturday: 9:30am to 3:30pm).

Once you finish booking your flight ticket, our consultant will send you a fill-out form for appointment confirmation.

3. Visit Korea with Our Concierge Service

Our duty is to make your trip to Korea with comfort. When you arrive at the Incheon airport on the day that you’ve informed us, our staff will pick you up from the airport and help you lead your way to the clinic and hotel.

For most cases, patient who visits Korea early in the morning and proceed straight to consultation and surgery. However, if patient visits Korea during the evening or late at night, consultation and surgery will be held the very next day.

4. Aftercare After The Surgery

The average stay for patient in Korea is 3 days – 1 week. Therefore, patients are required to visit our clinic for the follow up care. Our staff will perform all the follow up care until the last day – where we teach you how to do the after care by yourself.

After then, we will keep track of your condition and progress via email, call, or messenger app.