Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Cured by Surgery

Many middle aged male individuals experience the decrease of male hormones that instigates excretory system disorder. Main symptoms of male disorders are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. These symptoms makes middle aged males to actively participate in sexual activities and even sometimes instigate mental disorder such as depression.

Worldwide male patients seem to care most about erectile dysfunction out of all other symptoms. This horrific symptom is one of the causes of unhappy marriage. Urologists recommends individuals to receive diagnosis or treatment if they are experiencing this symptom for six months straight or most of their sexual activity.

According Proud Director Lee Jiyong, symptoms of erectile dysfunction causes mental inferiority and stress in everyday life.

Disorder such as high-blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid abnormality, decline of male hormones,  corpus cavernosum penis hematocele abnormality and nerve abnormality are the causes of erectile dysfunction.

If the erectile dysfunction is in its early stage, it can be cured through medication. The following medication refer to sexual enhancers. Such medication can be restricted to some individuals depending on the condition of their health. Therefore, careful consultation and diagnosis is required to further their treatment.

Male hormones treatment supplements individuals with male hormones to cure erectile dysfunction. Self-injection treatment require individuals to inject hormones to their penile which instigates the penile to become erected for approximately one hour. The following treatment can also cure premature ejaculation.

If none of the following treatment can cure erectile dysfunction, taking a surgery is recommended to the patient. Erectile dysfunction surgery implants prosthesis into the penile and has the semipermanent effect of curing the disease.

There are two types of prosthesis during the surgery: expandable type and flexible type. The expending type of prosthesis is composed of three tubes and a pump to expand the tubes. One can push the pump to expend the tubes and participate in sexual activity. The flexible type prosthesis allows individuals to bend their penile during everyday activities and manually erect the penile during sexual activity. The flexible type prosthesis surgery is much more simple and less expensive than the other. The following two prosthesis should be discussed with a doctor before performing the erectile dysfunction surgery.

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