‘Prostatomegaly’ Surgery, Shouldn’t Be Afraid

‘Prostatomegaly’ Surgery, Shouldn’t Be Afraid

Many patients have symptoms of frequent pee and micturition nutrition when they have prostatomegaly. It happens when the bladder pressures urethra and instigates micturition nutrition. This disease frequently occurs to males in their 50s. The average male bladder size is 20 grams, nevertheless, the size of the bladder can be 30 grams to even 200 grams if they have prostatomegaly.

Micturition nutrition, nycturia and overactive bladder are instigated by prostatomegaly. If these symptoms are left to be intensified, the function of bladder can be destroyed forever. To prevent this from happening, individuals have to be cautious.

Why does prostatomegaly happen?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definite answer. However, male hormones testosterone secretion dysfunction is one of the main causes of prostatomegaly. The sizes of the bladder differ from the amount of male hormones. The causes of Male hormones testosterone secretion disfunction differ from genetics, lifestyle, high blood pressure to diabetes.

Prostatomegaly isn’t life-threatening and can be cured naturally in some cases. In the early stages of prostatomegaly, the symptoms can be cured by medicine. However, once prostatomegaly is advanced in one’s body, a surgery might be required. The function of bladder can degenerate even after the surgery.

If the function of the bladder degenerates, the contractile force of the bladder can be exacerbated. Not only that diseases such as urinary tract infection, acute urinary retention, hematuria, bladder stones can be generated. Therefore, it is important for an individual to visit an urology clinic to evaluate their disorder and even get treatment when they feel the sense of dysfunction in their bladder.

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