Proud Declares Conscience!

proud declares conscience

Proud Declares Conscience!

Proud Urology, which has achieved the third highest in the Urology Consumer Awards, is attracting attention as a new step toward male enlargement surgery. On July 24 2018, Proud Urology announced the “Declaration of Conscience of the People” aimed at correcting the social problems caused by illicit medical practices in the men’s surgical field in Korea at COEX, Samseong-dong, Seoul.

Proud Urology announced the ‘Three Men’ s Conscription Declaration ‘

▷ Do not expand low – quality dermatological material surgery

▷ Medical fraud and surrogate surgery will never should happen

▷ The prevention of side effects and safety will be included.

More importantly, in addition to the conscientious declaration as a urologist, they also expressed our concrete action plan and expressed our willingness to prevent side effects.

▷ Conduct a ‘Surgical Material Certification System’ that explains the surgical materials used by the specialist in detail for men’s enlargement surgery.

▷ Provide a medical real name system to disclose actual surgical staff information.

The introduction of the ‘allogeneic dermatologic recommendation product’ that uses premium allogeneic dermis made from real human collagen, and the introduction of the ‘PRF DUO’, the third generation of autologous blood biomaterial, to prevent the side effects of surgery.

In addition, Proud Urology said, “In order to promise male consumers of safe male enlargement surgery, we are offering a free online consultation at our clinic”

“It is true that male consumers are not well aware of the problem of low-cost male enlargement surgery,” said Professor Hwang In-seong, president of Proud Urology, which issued a declaration of conscience. “Proud Urology will continue to provide institutional arrangements to prevent these problems while at the same time taking care of safe and satisfying male surgeries.”

The following article was translated from Korean News Media Website:

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