Korea Consumer Award Winner, Proud Urology

Korea Consumer Award Winner, Proud Urology

[Culture News MHN Lee Uram Reporter] Known for introducing the PRF (Role of plasma-rich fibrin in oral surgery) to Urology clinics in South Korea, Proud Urology Clinic was awarded ‘Best Brand’ in ‘2017 South Korea Customer’s Award’ on November 28th at South Korea National Assembly.

Hosted by South Korea Customer Association, ‘South Korea Consumer Award’ rewards socially beneficial industries with high credibility to satisfy the fundamental interests of the customers.

Proud Urology Clinic, voted as ‘2017’s Best Brand’ by consumers, offers outstanding medical services in Penile Enlargement surgery, penile implant surgery, and male body-type surgery each specialized by members (Ku Jinmo, Lee Jiyong, Hwang Inseong) of its medical team.

As mentioned, Proud Urology Clinic specializes in penile enlargement surgery, premature ejaculation surgery, erectile dysfunction surgery and simultaneously solves the four fundamental problems of male by utilizing 5S PRF Surgery, a surgery that extracts growth factors from the blood vessel to amplify the safety of the patient. In addition, Proud Urology Clinic also provides services such as gynecomastia surgery, male-nipple plastic surgery, and liposuction surgery. The clinic is also widely known for developing the male body-type surgery that considers three factors of men’s body which resulted as the coverage of 300 different foreign press.

Not only that, Proud Urology Clinic differentiated the treatment center and surgery center to each floor of the building and established gas tight door system, UV sterilization system, and  air shower system to prevent infections and contact of outsiders.

Proud Urology Clinic’s Hwang Inseong director mentioned that “male muscle, skin, and layer of fat is different from female in every aspect, therefore operations must be utilized in a different way. Also, since side-effects may occur post-surgery, customers need to get consultation from specialized medical members upon their surgery.” He continued by stating that he will continue his research to provide specialized medical services to male patients.

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