Medical Tourism Organization In Seoul

On June 6 2019, Proud Urology Clinic was selected as the only urological department in Korea to be a ‘2019 Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Agency’.

The Seoul Metropolitan City Medical Tourism Cooperation Agency is a project for the Seoul Metropolitan Government to directly organize medical institutions in each field in order to revitalize medical tourism in Seoul, to establish a reliable infrastructure and to promote joint marketing by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and selected institutions.

A total of 128 medical institutions and 38 service organizations were selected and it is meaningful that Proud Urology Clinic was selected as one of the domestic urologic departments. In addition, this review was conducted through a strict process as part of an important city project. The evaluation committee composed of numerous experts conducted thorough screening based on 10 core items that correspond to the requirements of excellent medical institutions. According to Proud Urology Clinic official, “Proud Urology currently has multilingual website and interpreter curatorial services for overseas patients in 13 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

Proud Urology Clinic, which received the honor of the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2019, is accredited by the Seoul Metropolitan City Medical Tourism Organization for three years until 2021, and is represented in Seoul through continuous cooperation marketing with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Doctor Lee Ji-yong, Chief President of Proud Urology Clinic, who received his certificate at the ceremony, said, “I am honored to be the only urologist in Korea to be selected as a medical tourism cooperation institution in Seoul. We will continue to strive to provide quality medical services to overseas patients.”

Proud Urology Clinic will continue upgrading the system for foreign patients around the world and be reliable and transparent to everyone.

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