Proud Urology Clinic Acquires CPR Certification for Patient Safety

On the Jan. 24th 2019, 25 staffs of the Proud Urology Clinic acquired certification for the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) intensive course.

The CPR curriculum qualification education was carried out by inviting professional lecturers from the educational institutes of the CPR Association. The curriculum consisted of theoretical training such as pressure position and compression speed of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, practical training using educational manikin, cardiac defibrillator (AED), and final screening process to determine whether to obtain certification.

Particularly in the final screening process, which was conducted according to the standard qualification scoring criteria to ensure that the correct action could be taken within Golden Time, all employees were certified with a good score using CPR and cardiac defibrillators in accordance with the manual.

According to Proud Urology Clinic, this CPR training program is considered to be a priority campaign for safety and satisfaction of customers, and it will be carried out as part of a campaign for relief campaigns such as installation of UV power air sterilizer that has been in progress and construction of CCTV 24 hours in the operating room . In addition to staff training, AEDs will also be available inside the hospital to prepare for emergencies.

Dr. Lee Ji-yong, the director of the Urology Clinic of the Proud Urology Clinic, said, “Since the emergency situation can occur at any time in the hospital, I thought it was essential education and requested CPR training. We will continue to carry out relief campaign activities so that we will be able to do that. “

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