Proud Urology Clinic awarded ‘Erectile Dysfunction Reference Doctor’ Certification from AMS

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Proud Urology Clinic awarded ‘Erectile Dysfunction Reference Doctor’ Certification from AMS

On the Jan. 9th 2018, AMS company, head of the erectile dysfunctional implant manufacturer, visited Proud Urology Clinic and Erectile Dysfunction Center and conducted ‘Erectile Dysfunction Reference Doctor’ certification ceremony.

Erectile dysfunction surgery is a method of inserting implants into the penis to induce erection. Medication is a severe urinary incontinence method applied to severe erectile dysfunction patients whose erectile dysfunction is unlikely to improve. The penis implants used in this surgery are bendable implants and inflatable implants, and a common feature of both implants is that they can be erect at the point of user’s choice.

AMS, a leading manufacturer of inflatable implants, is leading the urological healthcare market by exporting medical equipment and digital solutions to countries around the world. Based on the clinical results of the excellent erectile dysfunction surgery of the Proud Erectile Dysfunction Center, AMS selected Dr. Koo Jin-mo as the ‘Erectile Dysfunction Reference Doctor’ in Korea. Four members visited the Erectile Dysfunction Surgery Center and awarded a direct certification card.

On the day, Proud Urology staff and head office personnel took time to look at the advanced system of the Proud Erectile Dysfunction Center and to share cases of accumulated clinical results after the certification ceremony. We have discussed the technical know-how of Proud Urology physicians who maximized the material and the principle features of the AMS penis implant, and discussed in depth the research results of Proud to conduct more sophisticated surgeries. We also promised ongoing technical exchanges between Proud Urology and AMS.

“Erectile dysfunction surgery is a very satisfactory operation for patients, and overseas patients’ visits to surgery are steadily increasing. Erectile dysfunction surgery is a high-level surgery, so it should be diagnosed by a urologist who has a lot of surgical experience considering the possibility of side effects. “As the interest in the erectile dysfunction is increasing at home and abroad, We will continue our active efforts.”


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