Proud Urology Holds Excellence in Men’s Surgery

Proud Urology Holds Excellence in Men's Surgery

Proud Urology Holds Excellence in Men’s Surgery

Proud Urology Clinic successfully held ‘2018 Proud New Concept Male Surgery Excellence Presentation’ at COEX, Gangnam on April 24th.

‘2018 Proud New Concept of Male Surgery Excellence Presentation’ held in the same place as last year was attended by more than 150 adult men selected by the press reporters and male medical personnel, The results of the study and the outcome of the surgery were announced.

The performance presentation was made up of four parts, Dr. Koo Jin-mo, Dr. Hwang In-sung and Dr. Lee Ji-yong from Proud Urology Clinic explained their respective specialties in-depth.

In part 1, Dr. Lee Ji-yong presented a joint research and development of ‘5S PRF combined surgery’ with an obstetrician and an ‘Urolift’ prostate surgery. In part 2, Dr. Koo Jin-mo, urologist of ‘Erectile Dysfunction Surgery’ made a presentation about the cases.

In the third part, they explained in detail the effects that can be expected through ‘5S PRF Combined Surgery’, such as enlargement of the penile, through length, girth, improvement of premature ejaculation, and PRF principle to help recovery after surgery. They  unveiled an excellent surgical cases.

In the final part 4, they reviewed the achievements and issues of Proud Urology during the past year, including visits to overseas medical staff and selection of a doctor for erectile dysfunction surgery, and the final presentation was concluded in response to inquiries from the presidents and attendees of the Proud doctors.

Dr. Lee Ji-yong, at the closing stage of the presentation, said, “I am very pleased to have a place to share the excellent performance of male surgeries with many people.” and he added, ” I will continue my research.”

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