Proud Urology Clinic Joint research and development with Hwang Ho-yeon Obstetrics and Gynecology

Proud Urology Clinic, who was the subject of Korean Urology Department for the first time applying PRF DUO to male surgery, recently held a ceremony for ‘joint research and development on men’s surgery’ with Hwang Ho-yeon obstetrician’s medical staff.

Proud Urology Clinic has developed the ‘5S PRF Complex Surgery Method’, which is a mutual satisfaction oriented maneuvering technique.

The ceremony held on this day celebrated the results of the joint research and made a meaningful place to discuss future research goals and business agreements.

Proud Urology Medical Staff has conducted research with in-depth counseling to Dr. Hwang Ho-yeon, a gynecologist, with the goal of developing a male surgical procedure that can satisfy both males and females.

In addition, a sex satisfaction survey was conducted for 100 pairs of couples, and the ‘5S PRF Complex Technique’ was completed based on a number of clinical results. In order to maximize safety and enlargement effect, PRF DUO was applied to male surgery and 5S complex surgery was evaluated to increase the size of the penile and prevent future side effects. This was reported in about 300 local media in the United States and attracted great attention both at home and abroad.

“I am very happy to have a place to commemorate this joint research today. I hope that our future research projects will lead to good results. In order to do this, we need close cooperation.” said Dr. Lee Ji Yong (Chief Urologists at Proud Urology Clinic)

In addition, Dr. Lee Ji-yong said, “We confirmed that the 5S combination surgery method is a joint research result through this fastening ceremony, and promised to exchange knowledge and share information without any conditions in the future.”

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