Proud Urology Clinic, Participated in Red Cross

proud urology clinic red cross participation

Proud Urology Clinic, Participated in Red Cross

Proud Urology Clinic (Doctor Lee Ji-yong) will take part in the Red Cross’s  “Spending the Right Hospital” campaign and take the lead in promoting community welfare through the return of medical institutions to society.

On August 9 (Thursday), the Governor of the Korean Red Cross, Seoul, confirmed the Proud Urology Clinic as a “Spending Spirited Hospital” and delivered the right nameplate.

Dr. Lee Ji-Yong, the former doctor of Urology Clinic, said, “I have always been aware of the medical service activities for the underprivileged and the relief activities in the event of a disaster. I was wondering how I could participate in such a good thing. I know I have a sponsorship program that I can participate in. ”

In addition, Dr. Lee said, “With the spending of the right hospitals, we are increasingly interested in the medical disadvantages that need the help of our society and the socially underprivileged in economic difficulties, I will continue to volunteer activities, “he said, sharing plans for the future.

Hospital donations, which are spending by the Korean Red Cross Society, are valued for the integrated welfare support for vulnerable families in crisis areas in the region.

Proud Urology Clinic has been established in late 2016 and since the beginning of its establishment, the three urologists were eager to help men bring their confience back. Proud Urology Clinic performs numerous urological treatments including penile enlargement surgery.

If you are interested in the penile enlargement surgery procedure, please visit the following link. Dr. Lee alone has performed over seven thousands procedures at Proud Urology Clinic and has been countless more in the past. He stated that he will persue his career by helping as many men possible.

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    November 11, 2018 at 10:39 PM

    That’s awesome. I’ve reserved the consultation to visit your clinic early next year! I am looking forward to meet you guys. Thanks for the great info

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