Proud Urology Clinic, Receives Triple Crown in South Korea’s Consumer Award -Male Operation Speciality

On January 16th, 2018, Proud Urology Clinic awarded triple crown in male operations according South Korea 2018 Customer Satisfaction Index.

Proud Urology received the following awards: ▲2017 South Korea Consumer’s Best Brand (November 28th) ▲2017 South Korea Brand Satisfaction First Place (November 28th) ▲2018 South Korea Customer Satisfaction Index first place (January 16th). As the awards are evaluated from direct votes from consumers of each fields and service, receiving the following awards are extremely meaningful towards the enterprises.

The two main characteristics of Proud Urology Clinic that lead to their triple crown were safety of operations and satisfaction of customers. The clinic’s 5S PRF Complex surgery, invented by three specialized medical members of its community,  was reported in 300 U.S articles of its ability to simultaneously solve multiple male genitalia problems from Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of length to lack of size. RPF was particularly adapted in South Korean urology clinics and received high reputation for its safety and efficiency; shortening the surgery duration and preventing infection and inflammation.

In addition, Proud Urology Clinics’ Penile Enlargement Surgery was able to maximize the effectiveness of the surgery by utilizing 5~6mm advanced Allogeneic dermis. Thus, naturally yielded customer’s satisfaction and received the awards.

At the ‘2018 South Korea Customer Satisfaction Index Award’ Proud Urology Clinics’ director Ku Jin Mo sent his appreciation to the customers for the award and  emphasizing that he will continue to provide high quality medical services to the customers. Following to that statement, he added that he will exchange information with foreign medical teams to provide more advanced medical services to the world.

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