Proud Urology Urologists From South Korea, Listed in The World’s Three Major Dictionary Including Marquis Who’s Who

The chief doctors of the Proud Urology Department (Dr. Hwang In-Sung, Dr. Koo Jin-Mo, and Dr.Lee Ji Yong) has joined the ‘Marquis Who’s Who’, one of the world’s three major dictionaries, and has been awarded the ‘2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award’. In Korea and abroad, the case where all the urology medical staff are listed in the world human dictionary is unusual, meaning that there is something certainly different about these urologists.

The most important factor in registering the Urology Department of the Urology Institute is the research and development of men’s surgery. Proud Urology Doctors General did not limit male surgeries to male satisfaction, but considered the satisfaction of mutual relationship between men and women, and conducted joint research and development with an actual obstetrician. In addition, the Korean Urology Department has succeeded in applying PRF (autologous blood growth factor cell therapy) to male surgeries for the first time and is highly evaluated for satisfaction with male surgeries and stability at the same time.

Marquis Who’s Who is the world’s three leading human intelligence agency with the American National Intelligence Service (ABI) and the Cambridge International Humanitarian Center (IBC) in the UK. Each person who has influenced them is selected on a strict basis every year.

“It is a great honor to be honored to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award along with the world-famous manuscript,” said Dr. Hwang In-sung, doctor of the Proud Urology Clinic at Marquez Hughes. The 5S PRF complex surgery is a men’s surgery method that considers the satisfaction of both men and women as well as the operation of the four male problems in one operation.

“We will continue to make efforts to increase the satisfaction and safety of male surgeries through continuous researches and presentations.” said the doctors of Proud Urology Clinic.

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