Proud Urology, “We will Correct Korea’s Male Surgery!”

Proud Urology, known for developing the 5S PRF complex surgery, announced the declaration to correct the social problem of illegal penile enlargement surgeries in South Korea to the public.

Proud Urology followed up their announcement by giving the public the following three statements:  ▲Proud Urology won’t use low-quality skin for penile enlargement surgery  ▲Proud Urology will not perform medical fraud or deputy surgery service ▲Proud Urology will guarantee to prevent side-effects and safety of the patients

They’ve shown their firm determination to reform male operations in South Korea by specifically outlining the problems and suggesting a solution. One of the main solution were ▲adopting a unified system to prevent the use of animal skin and using customized human skin produced through human collagen in operations ▲adopting surgical material certification system▲adopting a system to provide customers record of the medical team prior to surgery ▲Preventing side effects by adopting ‘PRF DUO’ materials to domestic clinics

In addition, Proud Urology stated, ‘To guarantee male customer’s safety of male enlargement surgeries, we will issue a pro-consent guarantee online and offer a discount.”

Following the previous statement, Hwang Inseong director mentioned, “Many male consumers tend to be less aware of the adverse effects of low cost male enlargement surgery. However, there are still cases of damage caused by illegal medical procedures or low-cost material operations, and there are men who suffer from this.” He continued, “Proud Urology Clinic will prevent these side effect of penile enlargement operations and continuously guarantee the safety and satisfaction of the operations.”

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