PRF for Penile Enlargement Surgery

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PRF for Penile Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery has become more popular than ever before. Men’s penis generally develops in the early 20s and does not grow in a natural way after that. Men who have a complex on penis size generally considers male enlargement surgery. PRF method surgery is safer and more satisfying for the enlargement surgery.

There are various types of penis enlargement, but the most common ones are ‘enlargement of autologous fat penis enlargement’ and ‘replacement dermis penis enlargement’. Autologous fat penis enlargement is a method of collecting and enlarging the abdominal fat. It is natural to have less worry about side effect that you do not know using your own fat. The enlargement effect is also good.

It is injected through a syringe, so it is less hassle-free than the storage dermis, which requires incision. Not only is there little pain in the surgery, but the scar is almost invisible. It is also effective in removing the flesh of the abdomen with an additional effect.

Alternative dermatologic penis enlargement is a method of expanding using an alternative dermis, an acellular dermis tissue approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) and the US Food and Drug Administration. It is largely divided into homologous dermis and animal dermis. It is the same kind of dermis that is used mainly in clinical practice. This is because there is less rejection than the animal dermis.

Alternative dermis has little foreign body or shrinking phenomenon, and it is the most used regenerative material in domestic and abroad and has excellent stability. Three months after transplantation, blood vessels and nerves grow and replace with tissue, and they are naturally seated, resulting in high satisfaction.

● Upgraded Penis Enlargement, PRF Replacement Dermatologic Combination Penis Enlargement

Recently, PRF alternative penis enlargement has been attracting much attention. It is the latest equipment and procedure of the French doctor Shokrun. It is a new conceptual expansion technique that is based on autologous blood growth factor (PRF) -based therapy combined with penis enlargement.

“PRF refers to a procedure in which the shape of a concentrated growth factor in the form of a skin gel is shaped and applied to the site of treatment to be slowly absorbed. A small amount of blood is sampled from the patient and centrifuged to obtain an autologous platelet concentrate. These PRFs can be used in conjunction with alternative dermatologic penis enlargement to help the dermis to quickly heal after surgery. ”

With PRF, the wound has a significant effect on prevention of inflammation and swelling which helps rapid recovery because no protein is released continuously for 7 to 10 days. It also has the advantage of excellent stability because it is taken from the patient’s own blood.

Depending on various factors such as their economic situation, sexual orientation, and current status, the appropriate surgical procedure may vary. If you are worried about enlargement of the penis, you should consult an experienced urologist to find out how to choose the right method for you.

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