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    Vasectomy is a minor surgery to disconnect on the way of sperm from reaching the semen that is ejaculated from the penile; yet, there is will be no sperm in semen. It is a very safe surgery that gives less than 0.02-0.2% of chances to have fertility other than any methods of contraception. There is any longer to cause either prostate cancer or testicular dysfunction that leads to sexual intercourse. And there still maintains a sufficient amount of sperms after the surgery. But it could be less than 50% of chance to have a pregnancy due to degeneration of sperm as time goes, so reconstruction operation may be required within 4-5 years after the beginning of Vasectomy surgery as far as pregnant is necessity again.



    The most common symptom of erectile dysfunction is a decrease in the duration of an erection.

    Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a male penis does not become firm enough or can’t maintain the firmness to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. The most common symptom of erectile dysfunction is a decrease in the duration of an erection. That is, the erection of the penis does not maintain even if it erected by sexual stimulation or imagination. Therefore, there are a lot of cases where penetration fails or ends unexpectedly without ejaculation during sexual intercourse. This may cause secondary premature ejaculation because it urges ejaculation psychologically.

    Erectile dysfunction surgery is the last method to be considered when there is no improvement in symptoms through non-surgical treatment. We don’t recommend erectile dysfunction surgery for younger age groups or if the symptoms can be improved well through non-surgical treatment.

    This surgery is a procedure to insert a penile implant, which is very satisfactory because there is no decreases in sexual sensation or feeling after surgery. Its effect has already been proven as it’s been performed for over 40 years abroad. However, penile implant surgery is a very difficult operation, so it is important to consult with an experienced urologist.

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    Prostatic urethral lift using the implantable device has been the newest surgery since 2015 in South Korea. Treatment that has BPH medications with the Urolift System is typically provides quicker recovery for men’s living with symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It breaks the cycle of medications and how they make a person feel, all without the risks of traditional surgery. The goal of the Urolift System treatment is to relieve symptoms so you can get back to your life and resume your daily activities.

    Most men living with enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms take prescription medications after they’re diagnosed but these prescriptions often don’t provide adequate relief and may cause dizziness, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction.2 Medications don’t need to become a lifelong burden and men don’t need to wait until surgery is required to address the problem. With the Urolift System treatment, men suffering from BPH symptoms can avoid traditional surgery altogether.

    There’s a better option that can help men feel revitalized without having to compromise. This is typically a one-time, in-office procedure that is a straightforward solution to treat the blockage, freeing men from ongoing BPH medications with a rapid recovery.

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    According to the definition of the World Health Organization (Who), premature ejaculation has been defined as ‘recurrent ejaculation that occurs with minimal stimulation and earlier than desired, before or soon after penetration, which causes bother or distress, and upon which the sufferer has little or no control.

    Congenital premature ejaculation is defined as a case of premature ejaculation from the beginning of sexual intercourse. In most cases, ejaculation occurs within one minute after intravaginal insertion and it is impossible to delay ejaculation.

    Acquired premature ejaculation is defined as the case of having a satisfactory sexual relationship at first, but it turns out to be a premature ejaculation that occurs from a moment and takes less than 3 minutes from ejaculation.

    It’s one of the most common sexual disorder that shows to 20%-30% of men in the world.

    From the research in 2009, 2037 of Korean men, who is more than 20 years old, have approximately 27.5% of premature ejaculation prevalence.

    Reasons of having premature ejaculation is because the basic mental states that can cause psychologically premature ejaculation are from anxiety, stress, and guilt. And men should always reach the climax in a short period of time to avoid being caught during puberty due to social pressure.

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    Cleanliness of the genitals. It is a small consideration for your partners and a better way to protect your own health. Circumcision is an operation that performs to remove the foreskin and keeps the glans naturally exposed and the genitals clean. It helps to prevent glansitis, glans foreskin, and urinary tract infections, which can be caused by bacterial growth in the foreskin. Foreskin is also the most common to get transdermal cancer. So circumcision is known to help prevent penile cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. However, if the foreskin is come off well and the glans are easily exposed, and no special symptoms are founded, then circumcision is not recommended.



    Penile curvature is not just a matter of appearance, it can also make sexual intercoarse impossible or lead to penile fractures.

    Penile curvature is when the penis is bent from left to right. It doesn’t not usually show well, but it is clearly displayed during erectile state. And it is not necessarily diagnosed as penile curvature, when the penile is usually slightly curved. Penile curvature is diagnosed when the degree of bending is about 30 degrees or more. Even if the degree of curvature is less than 30 degrees, treatment would be necessary if you have an penile bending issue, or you or your partner feels uncomfortable in having sex.




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