[South Korea Customer Satisfaction Index First Place] Redefined Male-Operation 5S Complex Surgery

[Han-Gyeong=Kim Eunyeong] Proud Urology Clinic was voted first place in South Korea 2018 Customer Satisfaction Index in male operations on January 18th at Riviera Hotel, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

Proud Urology Clinic managed to provide a systematic and organized service to customers composed of specialized operations: male composite Surgery, penile implant surgery, male liposuction, Gynecomastia surgery, etc.

Proud Urology allows patients to return to everyday-life in just one hour after the surgery, contains specialized know-hows of 5S Complex surgery, and has abundant re-operation clinical experience. 5s complex surgery not only solves both premature ejaculation and penile extension but also introduced PRF technique to increase the safety and decrease the side-effects of the surgery.

Proud Urology Clinic’s director Ku Jinmo clarified that “Proud Urologic Clinic’s male operations are based on two core factors: safety and effectiveness.” He continued by emphasizing that “Proud Urology Clinic will continue to provide distinctive and transcended service by utilizing 5~6mm advanced Allogeneic dermis and applying RRF.”

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