‘Undersized Body’ Solved By Penile Enlargement

According to a credible authority figure in South Korea, 90 percent of male individuals believe that their penile size is below average. However, the real problem comes from individuals feeling inferior to their own body part.

There isn’t a specific causes to microgenitalism, however the mentality behind their penile outlook is extremely influential to individuals. Individuals can feel social pressure in some places where social norm is oppressed upon them. As a result, many males lose their confidence and even feel reluctant to participate in sexual activities. In some rare cases, it can result to depression and severe mental disorders.

Before, there weren’t many individual who searched for urology clinics. However, due to a twist of thinking, many individuals are receiving medical care for their inferiority. Compared to other body parts, penile has elasticity and contains high number of hematocele, the implant surgeries can be done very simply. The scars also heals much rapidly than expected.

However, what is the process of penile enlargement surgery?

  • ‘Alternative Dermis’ and ‘Autoplasty’ Penile Enlargement Surgery

The most representative PES is the using the alternative dermis. It is a surgery which implants the alternative dermis into the penile to enlarge it. It also solves premature ejaculation because it nullifies the nerves of the penile after the implant.

Recently autologous surgery method is being utilized. During the surgery, unnecessary later of fat will be collected and will be attached to the penile. Since it uses the patient’s own layer of fat, it has high biocompatibility and excellent characteristics of the penile. It also has an effect of losing fat in other body parts such as belly and thigh.

Male enlargement surgery is a great misunderstanding to some people who thinks there are only merits. Alternative dermis may take relatively long duration for the procedure and may require additional recovery time. There also can be rare cases of side effects such as infection and inflammation. It is not wise for customers to search for amateur specialists to enlarge their penile. They need to consider their decision carefully with experts. Penile enlargement surgery must be done naturally to guarantee the health of individual’s penile in both appearances and function.

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