Penile Enlargement Solves Male’s Low Confidence

[Culture News MHN Lee Uram] It has been statistically identified that most males experience undersized penile stress. According to a credible search authority, it has been surveyed that 9 out of 10 korean males experience sense of inferiority in their body parts.

Nevertheless, it has been identified by psychologists that many individuals feel inferior to their body parts although it is average sized.

According to Proud Director Ku JinMo, individuals who experience inferiority in their body parts have low confidence in sexual activities, sometimes instigating dysfunctions in sexual activities or even depression. Due to the following reason, many male patients are receiving help from medical centers to overcome such complex. One of the representative surgery they receive is penile enlargement surgery.

Penile enlargement surgery is a surgery which implants an alternative dermis into the penile. It can also solve premature ejacultion becuase it nullifies the sensitive nerve of the penile after the surgery.

Types of Alternative dermis is differentiated by the materials used to make it. There are two categories of alternative dermis: allogeneic dermis and heterogenous dermis. Allogenic dermis is created from human body collagens while heterogenous dermis is created from both animal and human collagens. Customer choose the allogenic dermis to the other because the biocompatibility comparably excellent.  

Allogenic dermis is comparably more expensive than heterogenous dermis, nonetheless, customer choose allogenic dermis in their surgery because it has higher biocompatibility and more soothing touch after the surgery. The dangers of side-effects also has been reduced through using allogenic dermis.

Ku Jinmo, director of Proud Urology Clinic, advised the public, “Penile Enlargement is one of the ways to overcome low-confidence of male body parts. However, it must require sufficient amount of consultation before the surgery because the nerves and blood vessels can be damaged when undergone through the wrong urologists. To prevent side effects from happening, patients need to receive the surgery from certified and experience medical centers.

Male’s low Confidence because of undersized penile, solved by penile enlargement.

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