US Erectile Dysfunction Surgery Authority Francois Visits Proud Urology Clinic

Erectile dysfunction @ proud urology clinic

US Erectile Dysfunction Surgery Authority Francois Visits Proud Urology Clinic

J. Francois Eid, an authority in the field of erectile dysfunction in the US, visited Proud Urology in South Korea on 23rd. He has officially invited Dr. Koo Jin-mo to the Advanced Male Implant Urology Course hosted by the American Urology Association (AUA).

Erectile dysfunction is a difficult urological surgery that is applied to severe patients who cannot expect to improve their symptoms by medication or self-injection therapy. J. Francois Eid is a prominent urologist in the United States with over 5,000 erectile dysfunctions (penis implants) for 27 years. He is actively interacting with urologists around the world.

He was surprised at the advanced system of Korean urology after looking at the advanced facilities for infection control such as the UV sterilization system, air shower, and quadruple blocking system in the central surgery room.

Afterward, he continued to discuss penis implants with Dr. Koo Jin-Mo at Proud urology men’s science lab. After J. Francois Eid showed interest in various surgical clinical cases led by Koo, and he said he would like to invite him to the United States to continue further discussions on more precise and safe surgical techniques.

Koo Jin-mo said, “I am pleased to share medical technology closely with him like a clinically experienced and globally recognized urologist.” “We will continue to interact with world-class scholars with advanced urology medical technologies, such as the United States, Europe and Asia, to help and improve the quality of life of male patients all over the world.”

Koo Jin-mo was selected as a “Reference Doctor” by AMS and Coloplast, the world’s leading manufacturers of a penile prosthesis. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction may cause side effects such as pain and swelling, so it should be carefully determined through consultation with a specialist.

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