VASECTOMY — The Best Contraceptive Method

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VASECTOMY — The Best Contraceptive Method

Nearly 50 percent of pregnancies are unplanned. People generally believe in condoms as 100 percent safe and assured contraceptive methods. But this is a myth. Even a pack of condom claims that it is only 97% effective in preventing pregnancy. So, if you want to prevent pregnancy, various Contraception methods can help you. Picking a contraceptive method that completely suits your condition is extremely important. 

What Is A Contraceptive Method?

Contraceptive methods not only prevent you from unwanted pregnancy but can also be useful in preventing Sexually transmitted Infection (STI). It depends on you if you want to go for a permanent solution or you are expecting a baby sometime in the future. In such a case, you can always choose suitable temporary contraceptive methods. 

Know Your Options

Contraceptive Methods For Female 

  1. Implant: A single, thin rod is inserted in women’s upper arm. Through this method, progestin is released in women’s bodies for over 3 years. Failure rate: 4%. 
  2. Oral Contraceptives: This method involves the consumption of pills as prescribes by the doctor. Failure rate: 7%
  3. Hormonal Vaginal contraceptive ring: The ring used in this method release progestin and estragon inside a women’s vagina. Failure rate: 7%
  4. Female condom: It prevents the male sperm to get in women’s body. This method can also be useful in preventing STDs. Failure rate: 21%
  5. Female Sterilization: It is the permanent method of preventing childbirth. In this method, the fallopian tubes of women are tied so that the sperm and eggs cannot meet for fertilization. Failure rate: 0.5%

Contraceptive Methods For Male

  1. RISUG: This is a procedure of reversible inhibition of sperm. 
  2. Outercourse: This method involves lovemaking and sexual intercourse without actual penetration. 
  3. Withdrawal Technique: This method involves ejaculation by men outside the vagina by pulling out the penis. 
  4. Vasectomy: This permanent method of birth control is considered as one of the best contraceptive methods for men. This surgical procedure blocks Vas Deferens in men’s bodies.  

What Is The Best Contraception Method?

VASECTOMY – It is the only form of permanent contraception in men. It is a minor surgical method, also known as male sterilization. The two tubes located near each testicle in men, known as Vas deferens are majorly responsible for carrying sperm outside a man’s body. Vasectomy involves the closing of these tubes so that the sperm is not ejaculated during sexual intercourse. 

Vasectomy is a 20 to 30 minutes elective surgery performed by a highly qualified and expert urologist of the Proud Urology clinic. In this surgery, ends of two Vas deferens are closed by being tied, cauterized, or clipped. The surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia. 

For Better Understanding

Vasectomy involves two methods of surgical technique as mentioned below:


 In this method, a scalpel is used to access Vas deferens, thus making an incision in              the scrotum. 


In this method, some specialized surgical tools are used to access vas deferens. A vas ring is used to clamp the vas deferens from outside further making an opening of 10 millimeters or maybe less in some instances using a vas dissector. In this manner, vas deferens is exposed by gently spreading out the skin and tissue overlying it. 

Both vasectomy techniques done at the Proud Urology clinic are equally effective. The no-scalpel vasectomy is thereby associated with less bleeding, pain, and chances of infection. Hence, it is the most preferred type of surgical technique. 

How Does Vasectomy Work?

Vasectomy in general means long sterility. A man must consult his primary care doctor before undergoing this surgery. After Vasectomy, sperm cells are produced by a man’s testicles just like any time before, but they can no longer mix with semen and are instead absorbed by the body. Therefore, this results in a man unable to have children. 

Since this is a permanent contraceptive method, hence the decision for the same involves the consultation of a doctor along with a mutual understanding of both partners. Once you are sure that you do not want biological children anytime in future, you can consider vasectomy as the best contraceptive method. 

Prepare Yourself For The Surgery

Once you make up your mind regarding the Vasectomy surgery, Urologist at proud Urology will review your medical history to make sure if you are fit for surgery or not. Once you pass the physical examination, you will be required to sign a consent form stating that the surgery is done with your consent and you take all the responsibilities of risk and success associated with it. The basic things that you must take care of are as follows:

  1. Make sure to shave your genetic area the day your surgery is scheduled. 
  2. Make sure to have a light meal on the surgery day. 
  3. Carry a tight pair of shorts or lower to wear after the surgery. 
  4. Avoid pain killers or other medications on the day of surgery. 
  5. Make sure to have someone drive you back home after the surgery as you may have to restrict driving for a little time. 

Ease Your Pain After Surgery

After the surgery, you may have little pain and swelling. In order o ease the condition you may follow the steps given below:

  1. Place cold packs on your scrotum. You may either use a bag of frozen peas or corn, but make sure to never use ice directly on your skin. It may have some harmful effects. 
  2. Wear tight shorts, underwear, or jockstrap for a few days. 
  3. In case you are not able to bear the pain at all, consult your doctor and he may advise you some pain reliever. 
  4. Stay at home and rest for at least 2 days after the surgery. 
  5. No sex for a week. 
  6. Do not bathe or swim for 24 to 48 hours after the surgery. You can consider dry wash to keep yourself clean and hygienic. 
  7. Do not carry weight for a few days. 

Effectiveness of Vasectomy

Vasectomy is effective only once the sperm gets completely cleared from the tubes. So, all men undergoing this surgery must know that Vasectomy is effective only three months after the surgery. So, by the time it is also advised to use condoms during sex. 

Approximately three months after the surgery or maybe after you have ejaculated at least 20 times, a semen sample is collected at the Urology clinic and the test is done to make sure the success of the surgery and that now your semen is free of sperm.  

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