Why do men seek penis enlargement surgery?

penis enlargement surgery at proud urology clinic

Why do men seek penis enlargement surgery?

If you are not familiar with penis enlargement surgery, click here to know the definition.

Have you wondered why men seek to enlarge their penis? 
Many people think because of their initial small size. But, that is not true.
Men seek to have their penis enlarged because of their lack of confidence.

And this can come down to two main factors:

1. The partner is not satisfied during sexual intercourse.

Yes, size matters. It is true that the bigger sized penis helps the satisfactory of sexual intercourse to increase. Surprisingly, it is not about the length. Instead, it is about the thickness of the penis that determines the sexual satisfaction between couples. The good news is that our clinic specializes in girth and glans enlargement, which resolves this issue.

2. Because of their size “comparing” to their peers.

It is important for men to have their confidence back. We live in a world where contents are overflooding. This same applies when it comes to penis enlargement surgeries. You may have seen many false advertisements for ideal outcomes. But, it is important to have them fact-checked. Most advertisements regarding penis enlargement do not guarantee the result that they state. Transparency is the key and it should be the patient’s right to know and understand the procedure fully before proceeding. Based on our experience, we had many patients with a different sized penis. It is not about the initial size, but it is usually due to the fact that the patient feels uncomfortable with their current size. At Proud Urology Clinic, we make sure to increase the initial size no matter what penis size you have.

We do our best to be transparent with all of our procedures. Although we may not have the best outcome size comparing to the advertisement out there, we guarantee the safest method to have the most natural increased sized penis. 

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We will do our best to bring back your confidence. 

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