Written Review #1: 5S Penile Enlargement Surgery / Age: 28 Years Old / Region: Yongin, South Korea

Translation: I thought it was painful after the surgery because it was an operation. I have no pain at all. I am very satisfied. The counseling and management was great, and I feel that the employees are kind and very helpful. I’ll have to see the situation a month later, but I am pretty sure the result will be satisfying. No pain as of now and I am very happy.

Original: 수술이다 보니 수술후 아픔이 클줄 알았는데 전혀 아픔이 없어 너무 만족스럽고 상담 및 관리를 잘해주고 직원 분들이 친절해서 긴장도 덜 된거 같아요. 한달 후 상황을 봐야 겠지만 일단 붕대로 다가려서 어떤지는 모르겠네요. 일단 고통은 전혀 없어요 만족합니다.

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