Written Review #118 : 5S Penile Enlargement Surgery / Age: Unknown / Region: Unknown, South Korea

I have a problem with premature ejaculation.

I went with a combined procedure + circumcision.

Surgery takes about 1 hour.

It takes about 3 hours to include other counseling and preparation instructions.

The nurses are all men and they are very kind.

Abdominal anesthesia is particularly painful.

I have a little pain when I’m anesthetized.

Doctor is very good at completing such a complicated surgery in a short time.

After the surgery, you will have an erection pain every morning for about two weeks.

I’m throbbing when I have an erection, but I’m sicker than I thought.

Maybe it’s because of circumcision.

A month later, after a checkup and sexual intercourse, I feel like I’m getting bigger as a result of combined treatment.

I feel like I get bigger and longer when I have an erection.

After the procedure, it looks natural and almost impossible to recognize it’s been through surgery.

The most important thing is premature ejaculation.

After the procedure, it definitely improved.

It seems to have been more than 10 minutes during intense circumstances this time.

Maybe it will be a little longer if you adjust a little.

As the size grew, the woman was so hard that she finished it fast.

In conclusion, if you are not confident about the size and symptoms of premature ejaculation, I recommend you to do it.

I hesitated too much and I tried to ask around here and there. I think I did well right now.

I do not know how it will be after a couple of months. I am very satisfied at this point.

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