“Written Review“ #234 : 5S Penile Enlargement Surgery / Age: 38 / Region: Chungbuk , South Korea

At the first moment, it was a very quiet and clean hospital interior.

For people who do not usually go to hospitals, it was a bit of a shrink.

Friendly nurses and comfortable sofas helped to relieve tension.

The director’s explanation was detailed, and i had a faith in the explanation that pointed out by doctor’s.

The operating room was cold.

I feel like I have been in the anesthesia for about 10 minutes, but I am in good mood and i’m in good physical condition.

I have an anesthetic drug well adjusted, and I am expecting the result of the surgery to be satisfactory.

Actually I do not know because it is piled up on a bandage.

Other than that, it is a satisfactory hospital.

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