Proud Urology Clinic - Men Enhancement Surgery Center
  • Advanced Equipments & Hygienic Facilities

    PROUD is equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipments for innovative surgical procedures and prioritizes on hygienic facility to prevent any infections. We continually upgrade our clinic for better experience to our patients.
  • Highly Trained & Qualified Urologists

    PROUD is pleased to announce that our urologists have been performing male enhancement surgeries for decades. With long term clinical experience, we guarantee you the safest and satisfying surgical results.
  • Opening Hours

    • Monday - Friday
      9:30am - 6:30pm
    • Saturday
      9:30am - 3:30pm
    • Sunday


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Total Care System Optimized For Men

We have optimized our clinic for men who wants the best result in short period of time. With PROUD’s long term clinical experiences, our urologists are able to provide variety of men enhancement surgeries with satisfying results.

Convenient, 1-DAY Visit System With Highly Certified Urologist

We value each and every patient with great satisfaction through systematic and professional care.

Customized Patient Care Service

We provide a customized care service to each of our patients. We value each of our patients and aim to provide the best care service possible.

Top Qualified Urologists

Our patients can be rest assured that our urologists are the most qualified doctors in their field.

Hygienic Surgical Facilities

Maintaining a hygienic environment is our top priority. We believe that hygienic facilities are the utmost importance when it comes to infection prevention.

Innovative One Day Visit System

We offer a special “1-day visit system” because from start to finish it literally takes a day. There is no need for multiple visits to the clinic as all the steps and procedures for the surgery can be completed efficiently and conveniently within a day.

Meet Our Qualified Urologists

Our clinic consists of three urologists who is specialized for each different male surgery department. We provide the most systematic and professinal medical services. Various surgeries are made up of veterans in their respective areas.

Highly Acknowledged Urologist

Performed Over 10,000 Patients Throughout His Career

Dr. Lee Ji Yong, chairman of Proud Urology Clinic, has successfully performed thousands of patients throughout this career. Although quantity doesn’t speak quality, there hasn’t been any single patient with complaints about the procedure and had over 98% satisfaction rate. During this early years, Dr. Lee has found his career by observing many men who have been struggling with sexual dysfunctions and thought that all patients should have the right to have maximum satisfaction in sexual life. To this date, he is continually performing surgeries for patients with difference race, age, and demographics. His main goal in life is to have as many men bring their confidence back. For patients who visits Proud Urology Clinic, the result will speak for itself.

Proud Marquis Who's Who Award
Proud Marquis Who's Who Award
Proud Urology Clinic Entrance Left View

Welcome to Proud Urology Clinic

Listed One Of The Best Male Enhancement Surgery Clinic In Asia. Nominated With Numerous Consumer Awards And Established In Marquis Who's Who.

Since its founding, PROUD has been striving to help change mens life. Providing safe and permanent surgical procedures that helped men bring back their confidence. Today, our clinic is operated by three highly qualified urologists with professional and systematic procedure.

  • We prioritizes men’s health and lifestyle.
  • We are men’s companion for life, bringing healthy lifestyle and satisfaction.
  • We provide the most innovative surgical techniques with all safety guaranteed. Read our procedures to learn more.

Learn Why It Is Worth It

PROUD Has Achieved 3 Awards For Surgery Division In South Korea. Consumer's No. 1 Choice.

Quick & efficient online consultation, assistance with medical tourism, numerous patient concierge services, and safe & permanent surgical procedures by our highly qualified doctors.

  • Free Online Consultation
  • Concierge Services
  • International Patients
  • Highly Certified Doctors
  • Natural & Permanent
  • Infection Free
  • Quality After Care Service
  • No Side Effects

Best Penile Enlargement Surgery In Asia

Innovative Surgical Methods By Long Term Clinical Know-Hows

Looking for safe and permanent penile enlargement surgery? You have found the right place. At Proud, we are continuing on our R&D to provide better and more efficient surgical procedure for penile enlargement surgery.

Satisfaction Rate 98%
Highly Rated Clinic In Asia 97%
Surgery Success Rate 99%

Our Specialty: 5S Penile Enlargement Surgery

Safe, Permanent, And Natural Penile Enlargement Surgery

Are you looking for penile enlargement surgery?

We introduce you to our 5S Penile Enlargement Surgery which includes Length, Girth, Glans, PRF, and Premature ejaculation. It is the safest, softest, and most natural looking surgical procedure ever done.



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  • Address: 3F, 4F, 509 Gangnam-Daero, Seocho-Gu (Seoul, South Korea)

    Operating Hours

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    Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the procedure to our qualified English consultant at Proud Urology Clinic.

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