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Leading Urology Clinic In Asia.

Surgeries Performed By Three Most Qualified Urologists.


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Most innovative and efficient surgeries are performed at PROUD


proud urology clinic jci quality approval

Proud Urology Clinic has been accreditated with the JCI (Joint Commission International) in June 28th, 2019. It is to be the first urology clinic in Asia to received this certificate.


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Awarded ‘Erectile Dysfunction Reference Doctor’ certification from AMS.


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medical teaching proud urology clinic

International relation with foreign doctors and clinic around the world.


seoul medical tourism certificate 2019-2021

First urology clinic to receive Official Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance from the Korean government.

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Proud Urology Clinic has developed safe male surgery by introducing PRF (autologous factor) for men’s surgery for the first time in Korea. Proud have been recognized for its contribution to public interest and advanced competitiveness.


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Personalized care is available to each patient as the three physicians in each area cooperate with the entire process from planning to surgery. The three-person cooperative system provides quality healthcare services, greatly improving patient satisfaction.


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Proud Urology Clinic Surgery Help Desk

The operating room is operated as an independent floor. Air shower & UV sterilization system is installed in front of the entrance to protect patient against infections. The entrance of the surgery room is a quadruple barrier door system for patient’s personal protection.  All environments provide specialized services in each area of the surgery. Each floor is protected by our qualified staffs who guides and protects our patient from any harmful factors.


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